Refueling our Rural Economy with Industrial Beets


BeetsAll Biofuel is developing facilities across North Dakota that use locally grown industrial beets, also known as energy beets, to create ethanol and high-value chemicals. This new industrial crop will benefit growers, support rural economies and – as an advanced biofuel – reduce greenhouse gasses.
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BeetsAll Biofuel envisions building at least 16 plants that use these locally grown, non-food-grade sugar beets to produce biofuel and high-value industrial chemicals and create dozens of quality jobs. Powered by renewable energy, the facilities will have a low carbon footprint.
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Adding industrial beets into a four-year crop rotation could give North Dakota growers another profitable income opportunity. Industrial beets also help improve soil health and soil drainage, have a relatively low nitrogen requirement, and are tolerant to dry and saline soils.
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